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Schweizer SGS 2-33A KIT


This beautiful 1/4 scale rendition with an advanced high performance airfoil is designed for aerotow or benevolent slope launching, and its wide speed range will thrill even the most demanding soaring pilots in any kind of condition, including turbulent air, or light lift. The Aviation Concepts SGS 2-33A will work an immense amount of sky.


Included with this set

  • Precise and detailed plans: 14 sheets
  • 50+ pages of assembly manual in COLOR, including designer scale features and detail sheets, cockpit components and dash documentation, scale canopy latch, air speed and variometer pitots, steps, tip wheels and skids, tow release, removable fin/rudder, stab details
  • Canopy and top glass
  • Fiberglass nose cone
  • Laser cut wood package completed to specs by experienced laser cutters such as Ziroli


Technical Data

Wingspan: 153"/3.88m

Length: 78.5"/2m

Wing area: 1975 square meter

Flying weight: 160oz./4.54kg

Wing loading: 12 to 14oz. per sq. ft.

Airfoil: SD7032

Radio: at least 5 channel, 7 servos

Functions: rudder, elevator, ailerons, spoilers, tow release


Pilots, covering, and other parts not mentioned above are not included with this kit.


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