These are water slide.

Total length of 1/4 scale rows on sheet: 240cm / 94in / 238 rivets total

Total length of 1/5 scale rows on sheet: 270cm / 106in / 432 rivets total


  • cut out a rivet strip
  • on the surface of the model, mark where the strips will be applied
  • slightly wet the surface where the rivet strip will be placed
  • soak the rivet strip in luke warm water
  • as soon as the rivet decal can be moved on the base paper, place the decal strip onto the designated surface
  • slowly remove the base paper while holding the decal in its place
  • as long as the surface of the model and decal are wet, you may carefully correct the positioning of the decal
  • once you are satisfied with the positioning, remove excess water using a soft and absorbent cloth. VERY IMPORTANT:: if this is not done carefully, the transparent varnish carrying the rivets may be visible after applying paint
  • the best result will be achieved when applying the decal to surfaces prepped with a thin layer of primer
  • allow the rivet strips to dry for at least 48 hours
  • you may then paint the surface


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